Funeral Services

Complete funeral services including transportation, burial practices and obituaries
Funeral services

Our staff guarantees professional assistance in case of the death of a family member, providing comprehensive advice with regard to both the bureaucratic and administrative aspects involved in the organization of a funeral. We organize funerals, respecting the family’s requests and the given budget.

The funeral service is available 24 hours and we work even during holidays.

The services we offer includes the processing of the cemetery arrangements to proceed with

• Burial: in land area dedicated to the cemetery

• Burial: in niche or grave or tomb for cremation urns

• Cremation

    Funeral Services for a Complete Ceremony

    We arrange funeral services, with the support of our skilled and competent staff who understand how difficult it is to organize a funeral while mourning the loss of a loved one. For this reason, we organize complete funeral services to help offer a proper tribute to the beloved. The services offered include:

    • Organization of funeral

    • Dressing and preparation of the body

    • Floral arrangements

    • Practices of procession

    • Transport facilities

    • Obituaries, billboard announcements, acknowledgement, thanks and participation

    • Cremation and custody of ash

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