Management of cemetery and Burial of the remains

Management of cemeteries

Behind the management of cemeteries, there is an extensive series of activities. The execution of these activities has several basic aspects:

• Organization of cemetery administration

• Organization of the cemetery operators staff

• Continuous care and renovation of columbaria and tombs

We train our staff carefully and rigorously in order to ensure quality customer driven service

Necessary Documentation 

Unfortunately, the funerary practices constitute some practical aspects that one has to deal with during the loss of a loved one, which are 

Death certificates

• Cemetery permits

• Permission to transfer corpses

These are provisions that vary across municipalities and therefore the process of bureaucracy inside the cemetery is not easy.

We ease your troubles a little by taking over the organization and administration aspects associated with the death and ensure that our services are of great use in the time of bereavement.

Management of Cemeteries

The management of cemeteries includes all activities aimed at the maintenance of the cemetery structure such as:

• General cleaning of green areas

• Garbage collection

• Public services such as opening and closing of the gates

• Safety of people and things

• Optimal management of services such as burial, entombment and handling of coffins.

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